Make Money

Do What You Love and You'll Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life

Has anybody ever said that to you? Never a truer word has been spoken. And as a lover of video games you can pursue your passion and do something you love, every day of the year. Of course it's not going to be easy but how awesome would it be if you could earn a living playing video games? Success is not going to happen overnight, and it may even take more than a couple of years to reap any kind of rewards. Many gamers looking to make it a career, give up very quickly and end up hating something they once loved. We don't want that to be you, so here are some tips to help you find that dream job.

Tips to make money playing video games

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First, a little piece of real-life advice. This path you're considering taking is a risky one and for every make-money-playing-games tale of success there will be countless others who have failed miserably. You need to be young, single and with no other commitments too. Pursuing a career playing video games is going to require a commitment of several years. And a partner would have to be a very special one to stand by your side every step of the way. At the end of the day, all your efforts could be for nothing, so be prepared for disappointment. On the brighter side, what follows are six ways your dream could become a reality.

Live stream your games

Get your gameplay out there for all to see with the help of streaming. Either build a large audience with the help of funding from ads. Or a loyal audience who are willing to fund you with donations and subscriptions. Twitch is the biggest platform at the moment, but you should also consider YouTube Gaming. It'll take a long time to build up a live stream audience. You might be stuck with just a handful of viewers for several months. 100 or more viewers will take several more months to achieve and you may never reach that point. You'll need thousands to generate a regular income.

Write some gaming guides

Anyone new to gaming appreciates the help and advice found in guides. In particular multiplayer PvP (player-versus-player) games. Why not create a website full of written guides? Alternatively, you could upload video guides to YouTube or publish some ebook guides. You should be able to fund the first two options with ads. An ebook, on the other hand, will require sales. Making a guide is something almost anyone can do. But to make a living from such a course of action will mean you're creating guides for popular games. And the more popular the game the bigger your guide writing competition will be.

Make a podcast or video

You could try creating a daily, weekly or monthly show relating to gaming. You could voice your own opinions, encourage a round the table discussion with your viewers, conduct a series of interviews with one of the many high-profile players. How about you give out some players tips and tricks for certain games? Podcasts and YouTube videos can be funded with ads, or supported through Patreon subscriptions. To make any sizeable income, however, you'll need a large audience.

Participate in tournaments

Playing in tournaments is a popular route for PvP players who are looking to make an income. The more popular a game, the larger the prize pool. If you're good enough to join an esports organisation you could make a liveable salary. Many competitive gamers do take advantage of live streaming for an extra income. You will need to be a consistently high ranking player or you might as well forget about living on your winnings.

Write gaming news or reviews

Another option for generating an income for doing something that you love is to write news, reviews and interviews. Pick a popular game, genre or industry. Maybe even create your own journalism site. There are also a number of sites already well-established. Always looking for new writers, why not offer your services on a paid-per-article basis? Journalism is a very competitive area to break into and there are hundreds, possibly even thousands of people who want to write about games for a living. Just so you're aware there is going to be competition and you may have to work for pennies before you establish a portfolio and perfect your writing skills.

Play test new games

Our final suggestion is to play test new games. Developers look for outsiders to play test their games because fresh eyes can be very revealing. The job of a play tester is to test everything a developer wants you to. And involves finding and documenting any issues or bugs. Getting the opportunity to become a play tester is not all that difficult. But it can be a mind-numbing job. And let's be honest, not the best paid.