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Mar 15th

Wii U Sales ‘Slower Than Expected’

Console Needs ‘Some Great Titles’

Sales of the Wii U have been “slower than expected”, GameStop president Tony Bartel has said.

The executive told Forbes: “Following the holiday launch period, sales have been slower than we expected.

“Nintendo plans on launching some of their biggest IP over the next few months which we think will increase gamer interest.”

Big upcoming Wii U titles include Lego City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Asked what he thinks Nintendo needs to do to compete with Sony and Microsoft this autumn, Bartel added: “Software will play a big role in each console’s success over the holidays. We’re already seeing great developer and publisher support for PS4, so Wii U will need some great titles, especially first-party titles, to compete.

“There’s also a need to increase consumer awareness of the new features available on the Wii U and its tethered tablet features.”

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