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Nov 8th

Wii Sports Club Launch Trailer Comes Out Swinging

Hit It Real Good

Nintendo has released a launch trailer for Wii Sports Club.

As one of the most family-friendly games of all time, it’s no surprise to see grandchildren battle their grandparents, and mothers facing off against their husbands in the trailer below.

Wii Sports Club is essentially a HD upgrade of Wii Sports, with improved controls thanks to the mandatory inclusion of Wii Motion Plus. The biggest draw of Wii Sports Club, however, is online play, allowing you to face off against friends, family and strangers across Europe.

Wii Sports Club is available to download now from the Wii U eShop, with tennis and bowling weighing in at £8.99 each. Boxing, golf and baseball will follow at a later date. A 24-hour pass can also be purchased for £1.79, and every user gets a free 24-hour trial to test out the game.

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