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Jun 14th

The Hyperkin RetroN 5: The Future of Retro Gaming

The Future of Retro Gaming

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could save yourself a wad of cash and invest into one piece of hardware that could let you play multiple games from multiple previous retro systems? Well Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 aims to do just that, just think of all the crazy savings you’ll make not having to buy all those retro consoles individually on eBay!

The RetroN 5 which was unveiled at the Midwest Gaming Classic and showcased at this years E3 conference, allows you to play games from nine previous vintage consoles! You heard me, NINE!

Using the five cartridge slots on the hardware the RetroN 5 will allow you to play original games from NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, and Game Boy Advance cartridge. You will also be able to play Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy Color and Game Boy cartridges as well.

The hardware will emulate the games using the original game cartridges. Like most emulators you’ll be able to create save states at any point during gameplay and load them at anytime. Also included is an autosave feature when shutting down.

retron 5 upscalling

And it only gets better. The Hyperkin RetroN 5 will also allow both PAL & NTSC games to be supported; no more need for multiple systems to play import games. The hardware also includes a HMDI port for modern LED and Plasma TVs and supports upscaling for both video (to 720p) as well as audio.

Retron 5 outputs

6 controller ports allow for users to use the original controllers for each system. Hyperkin have included their own Bluetooth controller for the hardware, though it’s ugly as sin. Users will have the ability to program their own controller to assign buttons to their individual preference.

There isn’t an official confirmed release date for the hardware as of yet, but Hyperkin aims to release the RetroN 5 in July for the bargain price of less than $100. Hyperkin have also said on their blog that they are looking into European distribution as well.

Whatever the cost I’ll be getting my hands on this, as for most retro gamers this piece of hardware is a collector’s wet dream. Sure, it’s not the same as owning the originals, but if it can play your old games even better and supports modern TVs (getting rid of the need for old CTRs) why wouldn’t you seriously consider it?

Check out this video from RetrowareTV for an exclusive look at the hardware in action:

Source: RetroCollect

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