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Jun 21st

Team 17 To Showcase Worms: Clan Wars

Dig Deep

Team 17 are poised to showcase the latest game in their comic team-based shooter franchise this weekend at PC and Indie gaming conference Rezzed.

Worms: Clan Wars has been previewed by the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and it looks to be adding a few new additions to the tried and tested worms formula. Firstly, as you’d expect from the title, there will be a robust support for clans. You’ll be able to create a clan and fight alongside your friends to send it to the top of the in-game league table.

In addition to all the old favourites, there’ll be some bizarre new weapons such as the aqua jet, which sprays a disorienting blast of water onto your foes as you fly, as well as monkeys who’ll lift up objects from around the field to drop on your opponents.  An improved physics engine will facilitate the chaos as the combatants are blasted around the map, squeakily squealing about their impending demise.

Worms: Clan Wars should be wriggling its way onto PCs everywhere sometime between July and September.

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