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Ten Things You Need To Know From San Diego Comic Con

July 28, 2014 | by Joe Martin

While most of the year’s big gaming-related announcements came during E3, there were still plenty of insights into upcoming titles to be gleamed from San Diego Comic Con 2014, including updates on Mass Effect, Sonic Boom and Firefly Online. Here are the ten most interesting ones we’ve heard so far…


Uncharted Movie Gets Release Date

July 24, 2014 | by Jonathan Trussler

The Indiana Jones of the Millenial generation will finally be getting his silver screen debut as Sony plans to bring his adventures to the big screen on June 16th. The movie will be directed by Seth Gordon…


Destiny Beta Begins Today On PS4 and PS3

July 17, 2014 | by Adam Vjestica

The beta for Bungie’s upcoming shooter, Destiny, begins today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners who have pre-ordered the game. The beta will feature 5 modes: the Tower, a third person social space; the Crucible, where Destiny’s competitive multiplayer…


GTA Online Co-Op Heists Delayed

July 10, 2014 | by Joe Martin

Rockstar has apologised to gamers for failing to release the co-op heists mode for GTA Online on time. The developer had previously announced it would be releasing the new mode…