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Mar 11th

Starting A New Life With Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Welcome to Awesome Games’ weekly feature, Nihon Zone! Our resident import expert Kerry ‘Kimimi’ Brunskill brings you an exciting look at the wonderful world of Japanese video games. This week’s entry is all about life in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! 

One woman’s quest to bring law and order flowers and water features to a crazy town.

Thursday 28th Feb

You join me one day after I arrived in town. I’ve picked a nice quiet spot by the river for my home – not too far away from anywhere, but somewhere I should be able to go for a stroll without tripping over anyone. This pleasant thought of the quiet life is marred by the fact that I currently live in a tent, but I’ve been promised that my house will be built by tomorrow.

Animal Crossing Kimimi

I go out for a walk to try and get a feel for my new town – I’m meant to be running this place after all – and I notice that we have a new villager moving in soon! This would be good news if it weren’t for the fact that “Anchovy”, whoever that is, has decided to move in just a stone’s throw away from me. I take an immediate dislike to them just on principal.

As I’m a little lacking in housing, money and jobs to do I decide to go shake some trees to see what falls out of them. Note to self: beehives tend to fall out of trees. Spend the rest of the day shocking everyone I speak to.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bee Stings

Friday 1st March

I wake up early and decide to do a bit of beach combing and butterfly catching as nobody else is about – I can’t help but notice I’ve woken up in a tent too, not entirely sure where my 10,000 bells have gone at this point. Catch my first butterfly, which I will mercilessly sell once the shops open. I end up catching a load more which I will also sell, although I’m not entirely sure what this alpaca’s going to do with a few butterflies and bugs. Nod off for a bit.

Come back at 7am – I have a house! I have a letter too, from King (the lion). He wrote to express his appreciation of my whistle-stop tour around his home and sent me a metronome too. It’s a nice gift in a “I think this will send me mad” sort of way. Shizue (my assistant) popped on over to my new home and gave me some wallpaper for my bare walls; it’s a nice inoffensive pale yellow pattern that’ll do for now.

Animal Crossing New Leaf House

Thought I’d go pay this “Anchovy” character a visit, but they were asleep. So… lazy and ruining my walks, not a good start!

As a mercenary sort completely lacking in culture I sell all the fossils I’ve discovered and pay off the loan on my house extension (to be built by tomorrow – again) immediately. Hurrah! I also buy a fortune cookie and exchange the token inside for… a blue Pikmin hat. I look ridiculous. Luckily the Able Sisters have some decent clothes for sale so I finally get to wear something that doesn’t make me feel ill whenever I look at myself.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Able Sisters

Saturday 2nd March

I had my first proper visitor today! Anepan popped on over early in the morning and dropped off loads of fruit for me, I’m planning on picking an area and planting a nice orchard later on.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Early Morning

…Which I don’t get around to doing, because there’s finally a fishing rod available for sale in the shop! So I spend most of my free time happily catching fish… until I notice that damned Anchovy doing the same! Come to my village and steal all my fish huh? THIS MEANS WAR!

Operation: Make Anchovy Leave has officially started, the first volley being a letter campaign against him topped off with a direct mail (on super-cute paper) that simply says “Please leave.”. Hope it gets his beak out of here!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fishing

On a lighter note Choccy asked if I’d go visit here in a couple of hours, and I agree… then mess it up by arriving at the wrong time. She doesn’t seem to hold it against me though as she gave me a storage locker in exchange for an apple later on.

Sunday 3rd March

It’s Hinamatsuri today! Shizue has got her best kimono on and set up a doll display in the square to celebrate and gave me a hishi mochi to mark the occasion – good job, Shizue!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Shizue

Kaburiba (AKA: Joan) is also wandering around; I talk to her but decide that the speculative turnip market just isn’t for me right now, especially as I’ve just saddled myself with a 198,000 bell house loan.

Yesterday I had somebody visit my village, but today it was my turn to go to see someone else’s. The place is picture perfect, with beautiful flowers arranged in orderly rows, paved walkways and even a water fountain! I obviously have a long way to go before I can come close to something like this and I return home feeling a little overwhelmed.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Flowery Path

A little later on I decide to cheer myself up a bit with some well-deserved holiday time and sail off with Kapp’n to the sunny southern island for a spot of fishing and diving.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Kapp'n

Monday 4th March

It seems like this morally questionable (but somehow not illegal) trade in exotic sea life is quite profitable, so I’m going to spend a fair bit of time on the southern island working off this house loan…

…especially as it’s started to rain! The rain doesn’t seem to deter the other villagers though who simply go about their business with an umbrella over their heads. Oh, and we have another new home being built, apparently for someone named “Rocky”.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Rainy Day

I head over to the museum to donate this morning’s fossil finds, and possibly to try and wash away some of the guilt I feel for ripping a whole host of fish, seaweeds and foreign fruits out of their home for a quick profit. As I walk past I notice there’s a whole lot of banging coming from one of the shops, looks like a new business is opening up soon!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fossil Digging

Tuesday 5th March

I start the day digging for fossils and end up finding my first gyroid! I happily hand the thing over to recycle shop owner Lisa for a few bells, those things drive me nuts.

While I was out walking I bump into Loren (AKA: Saharah) who offers to redecorate my home for 3000 bells; as the place is looking more than a little bare I jump at the chance and wait outside while she works her magic on my walls and floors.

Note to self: Loren has horrific taste and should never be employed again.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Interior Design

There’s a notice up on the village board from yesterday – apparently it was Anchovy’s birthday and I missed it. Happy to see Operation: Make Anchovy Leave is still working away, even if that was by accident.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Birthday

Retail therapy looks to be the best course of action for today, so I pop into the newly-opened gardening store and pick up a watering can, even though I do find plant watering a bit tedious.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Retail Therapy

Wednesday 6th March

I wake up and find that even though it’s not raining the weather’s looking pretty gloomy, so I take the boat over to the southern island for the day. The plan is to catch some bugs and butterflies, but that doesn’t turn out too well so I fall back on my old favourite – fishing!

Fishing pays off in a big way as I manage to reel in not only a swordfish but an enormous whale shark too! Diving doesn’t turn out too badly either, although my most impressive catch appears to be a giant underwater woodlouse, yuck.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Big Catch

Unable to bear selling my giant fish for any amount of bells I donate everything I found to the museum so I can bask in my own glory whenever I feel like it. I end up spending a lot of time in the aquarium and vow to fish until every exhibit is full!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Museum

To balance out this pang of goodwill I purchase an axe from the shop and go looking for Anchovy, but soon give up and plant a few flowers instead.

Thursday 7th March

The final day in my first week starts off well – I receive a letter from Nintendo with a present inside! Unfortunately the present is a bed that looks like a pile of school books, which is even less comfortable than it looks. I swiftly sold it for a paltry amount of bells without a second thought.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Book Bed

The fruit trees I planted earlier in the week are now fully grown and full of delicious, profitable, fruit! I spot a book on the floor while I’m out tree-bothering and ask around to see who it belongs to – turns out it’s Mohair’s. Mohair gives me an incredibly flowery top in return, marking the first occasion where a villager has given me a decorative item that doesn’t make me rush to the recycle shop.

I’m feeling good after my random act of kindness and seeing the town filled with fruit and flowers! So I tell Nook to stuff his loan, donate everything I can to the museum and plant some peach trees. Mohair runs over and gives me a piano stool whilst I’m out walking which just about tops off a fantastic day.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Peach Trees

But there’s still one problem… Anchovy hasn’t left yet.

I bury a pitfall seed right in front of his house and wait for him to wake up….

Animal Crossing: New Leaf arrives in Europe June 14 and June 9 in North America.

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    wow. so cute 😡


    I love it, Kimimi :) Can’t wait to play this game myself–and hopefully visit your village!