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Sep 10th

Star Fox Adventures Video Retro Reflection

Digging Up The Remains of Rare’s Fox-a-saurus

Check out our video retro reflection of Star Fox Adventures.

“It’s tough to take that it’s been almost ten years since Fox McCloud touched down, but man, it doesn’t show it; Star Fox Adventures is an absolute timeless action adventure, and a sentimental send-off for the Rare-Nintendo partnership. A Zelda clone to be sure, Adventures’ game-play was a far cry from the 16 bit missile madness of the original, but it was executed with enough confidence that McCloud was never stuck trudding the retro rut of Link’s legends; it was fresh and it was fun. Nostalgic Nintendo nerds, climb back into that R-wing cockpit and remember Rare’s final foray into awesome adventures.”

For the full written reflection, click here.

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