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Feb 7th

Sony Aiming for $400 PS4 Price Tag

No Word Whether Europe Will Receive A Fair Price…

If there’s one thing that Sony learned with the PS3, it’s that most people aren’t willing to pay over over-the-odds, even for a new console.

According a Japanese daily, reliably translated by GamesIndustry International, they’ve taken note with the next PlayStation and aim to price it at 40,000 yen, which is around the $400 mark.

Still no word on the price in the UK and Europe, but hopefully Sony will get their currency conversion right and realise $400 does not equal £400.

The PlayStation 4 (or whatever it may be called) is expected to be announced at a special event in New York on 20th February.

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Daniel Lee was a former writer at Awesome Games. An aspiring journalist and an avid gaming fan, there’s nothing more that Dan loves more than writing about the gaming industry.

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