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Feb 13th

Skyrim DLC ‘Dragonborn’ Now Available on PSN in Europe

50% Off In The First Week

Skyrim’s DLC has been exclusively available for some time on the Xbox 360 (too the annoyance of many), however, PS3 owners in Europe can now visit Solstheim in the Dragonborn DLC.

Bethesda are releasing the DLCs in reverse order to the Xbox 360, so you can get Dragonborn today for a special first-week price of £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75. Hearthfire, which allows you to build your own house in the world of Skyrim, will become available next Wednesday, the 20th February. And Dawnguard the Wednesday after on the 27th.

In North America, the DLCs will be released on the Tuesday, so a day before Europe.

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