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Mar 5th

Skyrim 1.9 Update “Effectively Removes Level Cap”

Bethesda Hoping For Console Release Later This Month

Those who own Skyrim on Steam can download a beta version of the 1.9 update, Bethesda has announced on their blog.

The update introduces the ‘Legendary skills’ feature which allows the player to make skills of 100 ‘legendary’. This basically resets the skill and allows you to go through the levelling and perk system all over again therefore “effectively removing the level cap”. Those who choose to do this certainly deserve some dedication points.

The update also introduces a Legendary difficulty setting, which will be handy for those finding dragons to be easy pickings.

Although currently only in beta stage on PC, Bethesda stated that they hope the 1.9 update will be coming to consoles “later this month”.

The 1.9 update also comes with numerous bug fixes, way too many to post here. If you do want to look, click here.

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