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Aug 23rd

PS3 To PS4 Game Upgrade Fee Will Be Decided By Publishers

Sony Confirms Decision Not Theirs To Make

Sony has announced that how much gamers will be charged to upgrade from the PS3 to PS4 version of certain games is being left up to publishers.

After confirming at Gamescom this week that PS4 versions of participating titles will be offered to consumers at significant discounts if they already own a PS3 copy, Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara explained in an interview with Digital Spy today that Sony would not be setting an upgrade price, and that the decision to implement one would rest entirely with the publisher.

He said: “What will happen is, the PS4 digital file will be made available on the PlayStation Store (as it would be anyway) at launch, and the PS3 discs will be sold through retail.

“What the consumer can then do, for a premium to be defined by the publisher, is access the PS4 digital game and then, provided they still have the PS3 disc, they will be able to play the PS4 version when they decide to buy the next gen.

“Time window and price window has yet to be defined. Time window is probably more business policy for PlayStation, perhaps, but the premium will be defined by the publisher.”

Given the often ridiculous prices Sony charges for digital versions of games on its PlayStation Store this is probably best for gamers everywhere.

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