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Jun 5th

PES 2014 Improvements Detailed, Powered by Kojima’s Fox Engine

Foxy Football

The next annual instalment of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series will “throw off the shackles of previous limitations” thanks to the Fox Engine, Hideo Kojima’s bespoke graphics suite, and six founding standards:

TrueBall Tech: PES 2014 centres everything on the ball: how it moves, and how players use it. TrueBall Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed barycentric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player’s body will automatically shape to receive it.

Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.): The new M.A.S.S. component simulates the bodily contact between multiple players within bespoke animations that segue seamlessly into each other. Rather than a series of preset animations that occur under specific circumstances, M.A.S.S. acts instantly to any situation, with the reaction of a fouled player entirely dependent on the direction and force with which they are tackled. Dependent on factors such as their size and power, players will stumble but instantly recover if clipped, barge others off the ball, and use their stature to block players from possession.

Heart: Heart aims to recreate the effects of team support, both on an individual player basis and across the entire team.

PES ID: Players can instantly recognise a star player by their faithfully recreated running and play styles. PES 2013 featured 50 players that utilised the system, and that number will be greatly expanded in PES 2014, with twice as many stars featuring bespoke animation and AI.

Team Play: Users can set up a variety of different tactics in key areas of the pitch using three or more players using the games new Combination Play. These players will make very different off-the-ball runs to exploit holes in the defence or midfield, using the flanks, curved runs, or overlapping play to make themselves available.

The Core: PES Productions have undertaken several years of consultation with PES and football fans to reproduce key elements of the series and implement a wide range of additional improvements.

“Thinking outside the box on an annual series such as PES is not easy,” explained Creative Producer Kei Masuda, “but the Fox Engine has allowed us to develop such a level of freedom that we are constantly realising ways of making PES 2014 a true representation of football.

“From the moment football fans pick up the controller and experiment with the close control, player movement and get to know how teams work and move, we are confident that they will see a game no longer limited by technology, but capable of growing with them and constantly surprising with the breath-taking quality they have to come to expect from the real thing.”

PES 2014 will release on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and surprisingly, PSP in 2013. Vita, 3DS and next-gen versions, including Wii U, will not be made, Konami has confirmed.

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