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Feb 15th

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Wii U and 3DS XL Bundles Announced

Hunting Packs

The Wii U and 3DS XL are set to receive special Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate bundles, Nintendo has announced.

Releasing on March 22nd, the Wii U MH3U bundle includes a Premium Wii U console, a copy of the game and a Pro Controller. The 3DS XL bundle is slightly more appealing, mostly due to the fact it ships with a brand new, all-black 3DS XL and a copy of the game pre-installed on the device.

The much maligned Circle Pad Pro XL will also ship on March 22nd, letting XL owners create a handheld so huge that if you threw it at a dinosaur’s face, it would probably leave a nasty mark.

Nintendo is touting the cross-platform compatibility of the two devices, with players able to share save date between the home console and handheld version. Three 3DS owners can also play with one Wii U player locally, for the ultra monster hunting experience. There’s also online multiplayer support for both devices.


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