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Mar 6th

Microsoft: Valve is Not A Competitor

The Battle For The Contents Of Your Wallet Continues…

Microsoft doesn’t see Valve’s long-rumoured Steam Box as competition to the console market, Microsoft President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick said during Microsoft’s TechForum.

However, Mattrick insisted that he believes Valve is “doing some innovative stuff” and also expressed his love for Gabe Newell stating: “I was there for his lifetime achievement award so it’s wonderful to see what they’re creating.”

It seems that with next-gen nearly upon us, the gaming industry is evolving similar to a really slow game of chess, where everyone tries to anticipate their opponents’ next move.

Gabe Newell himself recently said that Apple was the Steam Box’s biggest threat because it owns so much of the market with the App Store. Nat Brown, who gave the name “Xbox” to the original, also recently wrote:

“Apple, if it chooses to do so, will simply kill PlayStation, Wii U and Xbox by introducing an open 30 percent-cut app/game ecosystem for Apple TV.”

Valve’s foray into the console space includes an emphasis on cheap, in-home streaming systems and Linux. Valve’s PC distribution client, Steam, launched its Linux service in February and during that month it claimed 2.02 percent of all Steam users. By comparison, Mac users accounted for 3.07 percent in February.

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