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Aug 1st

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions Coming To PS3 And Vita

Rating Gives The Game Away

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions is set to appear as a digital download title for PS3 and Vita, an ESRB rating has revealed.

The title was originally released in Japan as part of Metal Gear Solid: Integral, a re-release featuring English voice-over with the option to pick between Japanese and English subtitles. Included as a second disc, it offered an expanded version of the virtual reality challenge mode included in the original release.

The game featured 300 challenges, ranging from standard trials of stealth and combat, to solving mysteries and taking on Genola, a giant Genome soldier created as a parody of Godzilla. Players could also take control of the Cyborg Ninja for a brief period, and access early artwork and cinematics from the game.

The package was later released in North America as Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, and in Europe as Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions.

It will also be included in the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection when it launches this September.

No release date or pricing details for the VR missions have yet been confirmed.

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