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Feb 1st

Media Molecule’s Tearaway Welcomes You To Sogport And A New Messenger

A Paper Cut Above

Tearaway’s a sumptuous looking game. It also isn’t sexist.

Before you start your magical adventure, players will have the choice of two paper craft messengers to choose from: the little oddball iota, who we were introduced to last August, and his new female counterpart, atoi.

tearaway atoi

You can also choose the shape, size and colour of your god-like fingers, which will pop through the screen on numerous occasions.

The new trailer below focuses on an area known as Sogport, just one of the many stops you’ll make as you make your delivery.

Soport is a mysterious island marooned in a deep sea of glue, and inhabited by some very fishy folk with a fearful obsession with the island’s monstrous local wildlife.

Source: PlayStation EU Blog

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