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Dec 5th

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Review

magix movie edit pro 2013

Let Me Set The Stage For You

Here at Awesome Games, we like to express our views and thoughts about our number one passion first and foremost – video games.

Not only do we love to bring you the written word, copiously crafted for your entertainment, we also like to share our gaming memories and musings via the medium of video on our YouTube channel.

Admittedly, before starting Awesome Games, I was a typical video editing noob. My only real taste of video editing had come from my limited experience messing around with Apple’s iMovie, creating an assortment of holiday films.

To produce our video reviews, we needed a piece of software that would transform our simple snippets of gameplay footage into a compelling, sizzling showcase. Professional level video editing software was a must, then, and iMovie just wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

I swiftly consulted the Internet for the most recommend video editing software and eventually we stumped up the cash for a copy of PowerDirector 10 directly from Cyberlink.

Although PowerDirector 10 was rich with features and effects, it was difficult arranging video clips together and editing the video became a literal nightmare as the clips piled up. Not only that, it sapped our CPU (our PC is no slouch in the specs department), causing the audio to mysteriously disappear from playback and clips to stutter. Needless to say, we were not impressed with Cyberlink’s flagship video editing suite.

Magix Moments

Luckily, Magix graciously sent us a copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 for the purpose of compiling this review.

Magix have three different versions of their software available for purchase. Here we are reviewing the Basic version which retails in at £59.99. There is also the Plus at £79.99 and the Premium version at £99.99. In the latter packages you have access to Full Stereo3D support & advanced audio dubbing (Dolby®Digital 5.1).

Before we got hold of a copy, we weren’t expecting much, especially after our prior experiences. However, Magix Movie Edit Pro is an absolute dream to you use and has exceeded our expectations.

magix movie edit pro 2013 screenshot

The interface is uncomplicated and straight forward. The video editing features included are extensive enough to cover all the bases for any video editing that you might want to perform. Add in the option of 32 tracks and there’s plenty of space on your project timeline to chop, change and edit your movie to your heart’s content.

Included with the software’s feature is Full HD support (HDV, AVCHD/50p), you also have the option to share your completed videos to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Popular video formats like AVI and MPEG-4 are supported along with a number of others.

The video effects included with the software are less extensive than other software we’ve seen, but if you know what you’re doing you can create your own effects using Magix’s rich features and editing options.

magix movie edit pro 2013 screenshot

Additional effects can purchased from Magix if you want to increase your library, however, the extra cost is slightly annoying. More effects included from the outset would of been a bonus, but naturally, you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to.

Stutter Free

One of the biggest drawbacks we found with Cyberlink Power Director 10 was organising and arranging clips in our project timeline. It became fiddly and time consuming. Luckily, with Magix Movie Edit Pro, we could arrange, cut, organise and trim our gaming clips like a pro. Most importantly, we could do it fairly painlessly and quickly, without any noticeable slow down.

Audio clips can also be arranged and edited with relative ease. There are a nice number of effects to boost your audio signal or enhance your audio clips.

magix movie edit pro 2013 screenshot

Un-linking audio from video clips is again pain free and simple. You can also group clips together for even more control.

The audio editing options are fairly standard. You can raise clip volumes, edit and trim audio waves, change or modify the volume curve by adding fade ins and fade outs to fit your video.

For novice users, there is an optional beginner mode to help you get started. Access to further instructional videos from Magix are welcomed and help first time users get up to speed with the more advanced features.

Transitions are by far the most simplest in any video editing program we’ve previously tried. Transitions can be extended or shorten by simply dragging the transitions slider across two clips to suit.

One negative that we did notice with Magix Movie Pro was that the export feature had no progress bar or time indicator to let you know when the export process will be completed. You have to wait until the program has finished exporting before you can do anything else. On our first use, this did confuse us as we didn’t think the video file was exporting to our computer and we thought the program had crashed. It would have been nice to have a menu or pop up letting us know how long this process had to run.

Go Pro

In conclusion, what you’re buying with Magix Movie Edit Pro is a robust and easy to use video editing software. Yes, the basic version may have limited effects if you compare it some of its rivals’ software, but Magix’s more than makes up for this with it’s simple interface, wide range of features and even allows novice video editors to produce something that looks and sounds excellent.

If you’ve only got a limited budget  and you need something that’s professional, reliable and simple to use, then look no further than Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013.

Here is a video we produced using the software:

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