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Oct 14th

Imagination Is The Only Escape: A Game About The Holocaust

Risky Business

Luc Bernard is the creator of Imagination is the Only Escape; a game where players take on the part of a young Jewish boy named Samuel in Nazi-occupied France. As Samuel and his mother are trying to escape the country, his mother is murdered by a Nazi soldier. However, Samuel is offered a bargain by a magical fox called Renard, who promises to resurrect Samuel’s mother if he manages to bring peace to the forest.

The screenshots on the game’s indiegogo page suggest a combination of fantastical scenes of Renard leaping a scissor-headed attackers, with other scenes of Samuel being captured by Nazi officers in the city.

Though this blending of tragic real-life events with a fantasy game might seem distasteful to some, Luc insists that it’s unfortunate that games can’t be considered worthy of addressing the holocaust while literature and movies can. Imagination is created with the express purpose of raising awareness of the holocaust and encouraging more people to take an interest in researching it (especially as there are still some who actually deny it even happened). Imagination is the Only Escape is slated for release on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Ouya. So far, the game has reached $5,000 of its $125,000 goal on indiegogo

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