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Dec 6th

Hitman Absolution To Get Console Fix Next Week

Crashes And Save Game Corruptions Fixed In New Update

A patch for Hitman Absolution will be released next week to fix console versions of the game that are experiencing crashing issues.

Writing on the Eidos forums, a representative of developer IO Interactive said: “In terms of what this fixes, we’ve pinpointed a number of things which were causing the random game crashes – which, in turn, were causing saved games to corrupt.

“We’ve worked through all of the reported crash issues and are happy to say we’ve fixed all of them. We’ll publish a fuller patch list in due course.

“We’re looking to release a patch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the week beginning December 10. We can’t confirm the exact date as we still need to go through internal testing, and then submission to Microsoft and Sony, but if there are no other issues that’s when we’re aiming for.”

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