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Jan 21st

Halo 4’s Spartan Ops Returns Today

Second Half Of Season One Now Available To Play

The second half of season one of Halo 4’s ‘Spartan Ops’ has been released to players. 

The game’s co-operative mode utilises an episodic structuring, similar to that of The Walking Dead. Spartan Ops tells the story of Fireteam Crimson as they battle Covenant and Promethean adversaries. Episodes 1-6 were released weekly shortly after Halo 4’s release, taking a mid-season break in December.

An official press release (which can be found on Xbox guy Major Nelson’s blog) announced ‘five weeks of brand new Spartan Ops episodes’. The press release also stated that Spartan Ops will move from it’s usual setting, the planet Requiem, to a ‘wide variety of locations’.

The promise of ‘epic vehicular combat’ will also be encouraging to players as Spartan Ops was criticised from certain sections of the gaming world for it’s linear and one-dimensional game play. Most importantly, however, the second half of season one can be accessed for no additional charge.

Weighing in at 2.21GB, downloading the new episodes might take a while so in the mean time, watch the launch trailer below to whet your appetite.

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