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Jun 13th

Final Fantasy XV Unveils Trailers, New Details At E3

Versus Gets A Name Change

The Final Fantasy series has been the quintessential JRPG series for many years and has a rich heritage of turn-based combat. Though Final Fantasy XII and XIII adopted a real time approach, they were both fundamentally rooted in their past battle systems, where pausing the action to change party tactics and careful manipulation of statistics would win the day. New trailers released revealing Final Fantasy XV’s battles show more action-oriented battles than ever before.

With an over-the-shoulder perspective, we see the pretty-boy protagonists running across walls, cover-shooting Gears of War style and somersaulting over opponents. Though we do see familiar numbers popping up to indicate damage inflicted with each blow, there’s little evidence of party management or any break in the action for strategising.

Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto said at “The Future of Final Fantasy” shortly before the E3 conference opened:

“We have to be flexible to attract more fans… I want you to understand Final Fantasy is always evolving… As you are aware, the Final Fantasy series has different game system for every new title. While Final Fantasy XV is an action-packed title, that doesn’t mean the next game will follow a similar path. And I can’t comment on future titles. But I do believe it’s possible to make a multi-million-yen project in either style.”

The title is a rebranding of the Final Fantasy XIII Versus project, originally slated for the PS3, but is now being developed for both Xbox One and the PS4. Long-time series character designer Tetsuya Nomura has speculated that FFXV could very well spawn sequels and spin-offs because of the depth and complexity of the project.

The title is still a fair ways off and Sony have revealed the title will not be released until sometime after the end of their fiscal year on May 31st next year.

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