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Mar 7th

Far Cry 3 Update Adds HUD Customisation, Harder Difficulty and Outpost Resets

Ubisoft Has Been Teasing Update For A While

Those who thought that their Far Cry 3 experience was over, fear not, Ubisoft has released an update for its popular FPS adding a ton of new features for you (and the in-game Tigers) to sink your teeth into.

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the update allows you customise the HUD if you want to go for that minimalistic look, or just cram it full of everything. It also adds a “master” difficulty, making those lions, tigers and bears even harder to take down. It also lets you reset the Outposts, too, so you’ll be able to tackle them again and again and again.

Good news for creative players as the update also adds to multiplayer, namely the ability to beta test maps before releasing them to everyone. Maps are now searchable by author, the “idle kick” feature that removes idle players is removed from custom and private matches, and the Skip map voting system now has more visibility and allows players more time to cast their votes.

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