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Jul 12th

Evil Geniuses Create New Gaming League for Starcraft

Stars In Your Eyes

Those interested in competitive gaming will know that the focus of Starcraft 2 as an Esport has predominantly been South Korea, where the game is practically a national sport. Feeling there was an absence of a high quality gaming league in the west right now, the Starcraft 2 team Evil Geniuses have created the SC2L (aptly, Starcraft 2 League). Currently the prize pool is $10,000 though an extra $10 will be adding for every sale of sponsor D-Link’s 802.11ac gaming router.

Competing in the league will be top SC2 teams Liquid, ROOT, MouseSports, Acer, Axiom, Evil Geniuses, Na`Vi, and Dignitas and compLexity. The final two teams will be flown to Romania for the finals at Dreamhack. The casters will be iNcontroL, djWHEAT, Day[9] and Artosis. Each season should last about two months. The inaugural match between teams Root and Liquid can be seen here.

With Dota 2 and League of Legends burgeoning in popularity, this new western league for Starcraft 2 could help revitalize what to many is still the ultimate in competitive gaming.

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