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Oct 19th

Episode 15: The British Bash Up

What happens when you put three crazily excited British gamers into a podcast episode together?…The British Bash Up. A first here for the Awesome Games podcast, Adam (Editor-in-Chief) and Illiya (Website Editor) are joined by our fellow British contributor, Rhys Wood.

Listen to the sultry smooth English tones of both Yorkshire & Lancashire combined, via the megabytes of Tinterweb, as we bring you our thoughts on the PlayExpo, which took place in Mancester at EventCity.

At PlayExpo we went hands on with Metal Gear Rising (mentioning our hatred for Gekkos), Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchDarkstalkers Resurrection, X-Com, Persona 4 Arena & Nintendo Land.

We also talk about what we’ve been playing this episode including; Max Payne 3, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Retro City RampageBorderlands 2.

This episode also features retro reminiscing including PaRappa the RapperBonanza Bros, Dino CrisisEternal Darkness, Resident Evil 2  and our thoughts about the survival horror genre in general.

Finally, we finish with our gaming rants and raves about the upcoming releases including Assassins Creeds III, Okami HD, Hotline Miami,  Sim City, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale & Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.

*Editors Note: Illiya meant to say he played Dynasty Warriors 5 on the PS2, not the PS3. (It was a long time ago and there are way too many! Whoops!)

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  • IamMikeside

    So right about Dead Space – what a tight, fantastically focussed game. I loved DS2, but you could already see what was special about the IP slipping away as they took away the great little self contained levels, added multiplayer and threw in too many other living people. I really hope we’re all wrong about Dead Space 3 and it doesn’t end up being a complete turd – if it has the same kind of turnaround that Hitman: Absolution did – from looking very CoDcrowd-friendly to showing a lot of love for the original values of the IP again – I’ll be very happy indeed.
    Am also waiting with bated breath for Sonic & Sega: Transformed. A few more great games like the first one and I’ll be loudly professing my love of SEGA again like I haven’t been able to in over a decade.