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Oct 8th

Episode 14: Steam Pressed

The Awesome Games podcast is back after a short break (we hope you missed us!) and it’s Episode 14 time already.

In this episode Adam (Editor-in-Chief) and Illiya (Website Editor) discuss their new, awesome podcast stand; the brilliance of PES 2013’s online play and the courtesy rating. They also talk about Adam’s preview of Company of Heroes 2 and Illiya’s Company of Heroes RTS failings, losing his troops in a battle of attrition (damn those crafty Panzer tanks!).

Adam reminices about Klonoa: Door to Phantomile the only game to ever make him cry. The AG bros. talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin impressions, Gangnam Style videos and cool Hitman: Blood Money deaths.

Finally, Episode 14 includes discussion about upcoming games and releases included Dishonorned, Metro Last Light, ZombiU, WiiU and SimCity, Halo 4, The Last of Us & Prison Architect. 

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  • IamMikeside

    Awesome to hear you’re going to go forward with the YouTube stuff!
    Such a shame about Resident Evil 6. I miss the early days of the series too

    • Illiya Vjestica

      Thanks Mike. I know you spoke to Adam but I really appreciate the feedback also. Nice to know we have people out there enjoying our stuff and offering really constructive feedback.

      • IamMikeside

        No worries – was intrigued about the website as Adam seemed like a top guy and had a lot of interesting things to say about games/gaming so I thought the site would probably be pretty good. Glad to see I was right and that the rest of you seem great too!

        You’re on my daily visit list now, so I’ll be popping my head in fairly often :)