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Jun 18th

Episode 10: The Transatlantic Mashup

Episode Ten:

This week marks a very special transatlantic 10th episode, as Illiya (Website Editor) & Adam (Editor-in-chief) are joined on the show by our awesome Canadian counterparts Vince Shuley (Senior Contributor) & Aidan “The Voice” Fundamenski (Video Editor & Contributor). We ask Aidan & Vince about their thoughts on the E3 conferences, who were the winners and losers of the show and we also have an interesting discuss about the state of the gaming industry from a gamer’s perspective and a journalist’s view.

Listen to us reminisce about the worse games we have ever played, talk about the Wii U ‘s supposed lack of power and its rumoured price point having being listed on Amazon. We also touch on the upcoming HD remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee.

This weeks awesome links mentioned:

*Illiya & Adam’s worse games of all time Lone Solider, Cheesy & Cyber Sled; Aidan’s worse game of all time, Mickey Mouse Magical Mirror; and Vince’s worse game, Cobra Triangle.

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