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Mar 27th

David Hayter Had No Involvement With MGS V

Hayter’s Gonna Hate

The Metal Gear Solid V trailer has finally hit the internet with the impact of a steel rhinoceros, as one would expect from the next title in such a prestigious series.

It turns out that yes, The Phantom Pain is indeed the subtitle for the next main instalment, with Ground Zeroes serving as a prologue to the main event. Naturally, fans of the series are overjoyed, but the announcement is buckled with a bit of sad news.

David Hayter tweeted in lieu of the announcement that he didn’t provide any voice work for Metal Gear Solid V, nor was he approached by Konami to do so.

While this means Hayter will not be present in MGS V, there is every possibility he will return to the series, though this is wishful thinking considering the wording of his tweet.

Many view Hayter’s voice as irreplaceable when it comes to Snake and Big Boss, and we’re saddened at his departure from the series.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, and hope the Metal Gear franchise doesn’t become any lesser in his absence.

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