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Jun 28th

Cosmic Star Heroine, Zeboyd’s New RPG

Pretty In Pixels

Developers Zeboyd are known for making parody RPGs such as Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, as well as the last two Penny Arcade titles. Just looking at the title of their latest offering, it’s clear they’re continuing to make games in the style of the classic 8 and 16-bit JRPGs they love. Cosmic Star Heroine will feature the same vibrant pixel art and 2D perspective of their previous JRPG-esque titles. However, Zeboyd have noted that though humor will feature heavily, the game will not be a straight up parody.

The titular cosmic heroine of the story is Alyssa L’Salle, a top galactic agent who uncovers a vast conspiracy. The combat system will be influenced by the great Chrono Trigger where battles occur on the same map you’re exploring, making a seamless transition between exploration and combat. Cues are also taken from Suikoden, allowing the player do things like recruit spies and customise their headquarters, adding a managerial aspect to the RPG proceedings.

Zeboyd have said they wanted to doing something a bit different from many RPGs of the Japanese variety in having a grown woman who’s mature and competent from the outset rather than a child or teenager as the protagonist. Still, Alyssa just wouldn’t be a true JRPG heroine without a overly exotic weapon like a boa that turns into sword, shield and force-field. Nor would it be ok if she wasn’t leaping into battles sporting a hairdo with more bangs than a Michael Bay movie. You can keep up to date with Alyssa L’Salle herself on her twitter account, and presumably the game she happens to be the cosmic star of as well.

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