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Realistically, what can we expect from the Nintendo NX

What Can we Expect From the Nintendo NX?

July 23, 2015 | by Adam Vjestica

Transformation was the theme behind Nintendo’s Digital Event during this year’s E3, but it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. The untimely passing of Satoru Iwata has left the company in a state of mourning, along with its fans…

Addressing Mental Illness Through Video Games

Addressing Mental Illness Through Video Games

July 13, 2015 | by Ryan Dean

A few weeks ago, gaming idealist that I am, I wrote an article about an upcoming release that would hopefully change things up a bit in an industry that had gotten a little stale. That game was Hellblade, a spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword from Ninja Theory…

Is The Phantom Pain Losing its grip on the MGS franchise

Is The Phantom Pain Losing its Grip on the MGS Franchise?

July 7, 2015 | by Ryan Dean

It’s with equal parts trepidation and excitement that I await the 1st of September. As a long-time fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the anticipation of Kojima’s biggest title in the series to date is tinged with a sense of melancholy as it’s also, unfortunately, his last…

These PSone games deserve a remaster

These PSone Games Deserve a Remaster

July 6, 2015 | by Ryan Dean

Capcom’s remaster (of a remaster) of Resident Evil that launched earlier this year was somewhat of a double-edged sword for the industry. On the one hand, it gave gamers the perfect opportunity to delve into a truly genre defining title…

Why I chose Heroes of the Storm as my MOBA

Why I Chose Heroes of the Storm as my MOBA

July 3, 2015 | by Vince Shuley

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) can be an intimidating affair. As I wrote of my experience trying DOTA 2 earlier this year, plunging into the deep end with a complex MOBA such as DOTA2 can quickly lead to frustration, with little recourse but to simply tough it out while you learn your hero’s strengths, weaknesses and how to counter opposing attacks…

Making Sense of the E3 Aftermath

Making Sense of the E3 Aftermath

June 29, 2015 | by Nathan Anton

So it’s been over a week or two since E3. We saw some brilliant games this year like The Division and Star Wars Battlefront, and even some surprises like the announcement of Dark Souls 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake. There were a lot of games to pique one’s interest, but which ones have stuck with you?…

Can Until Dawn Finally Unite Horror and Hollywood?

Can Until Dawn Finally Unite Horror and Hollywood?

June 25, 2015 | by Ryan Dean

As a long-time gaming aficionado, we probably don’t have to tell you that the joystick and the silver screen haven’t always had the best (or most profitable) relationship over the years. As ardent fans of a great number of titles, we’ve seen a lot of franchises succumb to B-Movie mediocrity in the past few decades…

Nintendo E3 2015

How Nintendo Lost their Adult Audience at E3

June 24, 2015 | by Illiya Vjestica

To say Nintendo’s 2015 E3 direct presentation was mediocre would be somewhat of an understatement. But before I begin, let me start by saying that Nintendo tend to be one of the few companies in the game industry who dare to innovate, when others have played it safe…

why No Man's Sky was my game of E3

Why No Man’s Sky was my Game of E3 2015

June 23, 2015 | by Joe Martin

Alien worlds were a prominent feature at E3 2015. Provided you’re an FPS fan, this was delightful news – many of the worlds featured were to be explored not with a sense of wonder or intrigue, but by staring down the barrel of a gun. I enjoy the occasional bout of wanton murder and destruction as much as the next gamer…

why the PC gaming show at E3 was a good idea

Why the PC Gaming Show at E3 was a Great Idea

June 22, 2015 | by Vince Shuley

This year’s E3 really was a good’un. So many great games were revealed with plenty of release dates before the end of the year, a welcome change from 2014’s long list of teasers that we had to wait until the following year to play…