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Jun 12th

Bayonetta 2 Trailer Shows Off New Hairstyle, Sadistic Moves

Don’t Mess With This Witch

Nintendo were proud to display Bayonetta 2 at E3, and the saucy, breakdancing witch seems no less violent or raunchy despite her new game being exclusive to Wii U.

Though Nintendo have something of a reputation for family friendly games, Bayonetta 2 seems to be bucking the trend as she performs gory and sadistic “climax” moves in the gameplay footage revealed. One involves her angelic opponent being on a treadmill that propels the panicking creature back into a threshing machine.

As in the first game, Bayonetta will perform moves where her hair will morph into different shapes, crushing and smashing her opponents in countless different ways, while leaving only a few strategically placed strands to conceal her body. Likewise, the fluid and in-depth gameplay seem unchanged, with Bayonetta using her familiar “witch time” ability to slow time and perform devastating combos.

Gameplay will also be incorporating the Wii U’s gamepad and we can see footage of the player using the Wii’s stylus to rapidly tap the screen, increasing the force of her devastating attacks, and opening up a new way of playing the game.

Bayonetta 2 has also been confirmed to feature a 2- player co-op mode, though no further details have been revealed by Nintendo at this time.

Oh, and did we mention she’s sporting a new hairstyle?

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