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Author Archive: rhys-wood


Crypt of the NecroDancer Preview

August 4, 2014 | by Rhys Wood

Crypt of the NecroDancer has been doing the rounds for just over a year now, generating incredibly positive reception from events such as PAX. Now with the game finally released on Steam under the Early Access program…

Operation Winback retro reflection

Operation WinBack Retro Reflection

July 18, 2014 | by Rhys Wood

Now hear me out on this one. How bizarre would it be if the first ever third person cover shooter ever made was not, in fact, Western made, but instead by a small Japanese team more famous for the Dynasty Warriors franchise?…

10 More Video Game Songs With Lyrics

10 More Awesome Video Game Songs With Vocals

July 9, 2014 | by Rhys Wood

Quite a while back, I wrote an article showing off ten of my favourite songs in video games that happened to feature vocals. Listening to all those songs sure was good fun, and many were quite the nostalgia trip! But why stop with just ten?…

Tomodachi Life review

Tomodachi Life Review

July 7, 2014 | by Rhys Wood

It’s 4:45 pm on the island. A rap battle is taking place between Eiji Aonuma and Ganondorf. Elsewhere, Awesome Games Editor-in-Chief Adam Vjestica is farting alone in his apartment. Welcome to Tomodachi Life, one of the best non-games I have ever played…

Mario Golf: World Tour review

Mario Golf: World Tour Review

May 20, 2014 | by Rhys Wood

It’s been ten years since the last Mario Golf title, Advance Tour, graced our GBAs with its charming role-playing presence, so it’s high time we were due another entry in the beloved Mario sports series. Thankfully, Camelot have stepped up to the tee once again with Mario Golf: World Tour on the 3DS…