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Mar 22nd

Arma 3 Video Offers Tips For The Battlefield

Military Sim Due For Release Later This Year

Bohemia Interactive have released a video for Arma 3, schooling people in the basics of the realistic military shooter.

The video offers advice on numerous key points of Arma 3, including engaging the enemy, using the environment for your advantage and battlefield tactics.

The game was delayed to a 2013 release date, however, it is available via Steam’s Early Access service, which lets players download and play games still in development.

Arma 3 Alpha is priced at £19.99 and offers the chance to be one of the first to play the game and to contribute to development by offering feedback. Buying into the Alpha will also get you access to the Arma 3 Beta as soon as it becomes available and a Steam version of the complete game upon release.

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