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Awesome Games are all about games first and foremost. We are an independent gaming blog based in the UK.

If you have a game you would like us to review, or want to add us to your press release list, then let our Editor-in-Chief Adam know by filling the contact form below or dropping him an e-mail: editor (at)

Awesome Games is always looking for brand new fresh content to provide to its readers and fan base. If you are a video games publisher, indie developer or a company that makes video games & technology products then please feel free to contact us for review or interview opportunities.

Why Advertise on Awesome Games?

Awesome Games is one year old and was established August 29th, 2011. It is now becoming one of the fastest growing and best gaming blogs in the UK. The site has loyal fans based both in the US, UK & Canada and we have some of the best content on the web with over 600 + pages of unique, quality, gaming content.

In terms of our fan base across social media, we have over 1,000 + Awesome Games Facebook Fans who engage with us every day, and over 700 + Awesome Games Twitter Followers.

Stats for 29 Aug 2011- 29 Aug 2012 (Year 1):

  • Visits: 276,656 total
  • Unique Visitors: 256,116
  • Pageviews: 334,145

(See verification stats pic)

Our audience from August 29th 2011 to Aug 29th 2012 approximately broke down to 65.88% US (182,265 visits), 10.52% UK (29,115 visits), 8.62% Canada (23,835 visits) and the rest in Europe and other countries.

The average visitor on Awesome Games spends over 2.5 minutes on the site per visit.

Currently we average around 6,000 unique monthly visitors & over 12,000 page views per month.

Since Awesome Games launched (Aug 29/2011 – Aug 29/2012), the site has amassed 256,116 Unique Visitors. 

For more information and demographics see our Alexa stats.

*This will be updated in 3 months time periodically. 

Types of Advertising Available on Awesome Games

We have the following advertising options available to your business. If you’re looking to promote your video game or gaming product, we can also offer full site takeovers for a reasonable fee.

Standard banner ads across Awesome Games will run for a month on the site per time – Note: longer term advertising agreements of more than one month will be eligible for discounts.


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Below Each Post:

  • Options to include 468×60 Medium Banner
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Awesome Games Podcast
  • You can also sponsor our bi-weekly podcast (which you can listen to here) for an attractive fee.

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