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About Awesome Games

Welcome to Awesome Games! And thank you for being curious enough to find out more about our wonderful team.

Before you put your feet up at the Awesome Games hotel and delve into our array of fascinating content, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves. Oh, and did we mention you look stunning today?

Awesome Games boldly entered the world of video game journalism on August 29, 2011. Our resident workhorse and Editor-in-Chief, Adam, would regularly chain himself to a computer, only leaving the keyboard to relieve himself, eat and sleep (not necessarily in that order). Illiya Vjestica, brother of said workhorse and Awesome Games’ Website Editor, made sure the website was always functioning properly and is responsible for our fantastic feature images. You can think of him as Adam’s farrier.

Horse references aside, Awesome Games’ stock has risen dramatically since its humble beginning. But we’re not done yet. We’ve gathered a team of exceptional writers who are all determined to take Awesome Games to where it belongs – plastered on the monitors and phones of every discerning gamer.

We hope that you will share your own opinions and views with other gamers on this blog and become a regular visitor of our Awesome creation.

Here’s a bit about the Awesome Team below:

Adam Vjestica (Owner & Editor-in-Chief)

Adam Vjestica is the Editor-in-Chief at Awesome Games. A want away fledgling lawyer, Adam realised that his true passion lay in gaming and decided to create Awesome Games so he could make his opinions heard.

Adam decided to use his love of writing to talk about all things gaming, with the greater vision of creating a community and fan base with which he could share his passion.

Adam plays any types of genres, although he particularly enjoys games where he can save the day and woo beautiful women. If Adam isn’t found living the dream as an action hero, he can be found playing PES/FIFA religiously, forcing people to play N64 with him or playing the latest and greatest titles.

Adam’s other passions include football (an avid Arsenal FC supporter), UFC, womanising, reading anything game related, making gains at the gym and procrastinating with friends.

  • Favourite Games of All Time: WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64), Final Fantasy VII (PSOne), Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube), Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PS2), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3)
  • Favourite Console: N64 (Nintendo)
  • Favourite Game Character: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)
  • First Game Ever Played: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Megadrive) – 1994

You can also follow Adam on Twitter

Illiya Vjestica (Website Editor)

Illiya Vjestica is the Website Editor at Awesome Games. A serial blogger for many years and self-employed designer, he handles all the techincal issues and day-to-day matience of the website including the advertising as well.

Obsessed with everything from Japan, he has a deep love for role playing games (RPGs) and any fighting games.

If he isn’t found slaying demons in mystic lands or saving the world one more time, you bet he’ll be getting schooled by better players on various fighting games; Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or King of Fighters XII.

Illiya’s other major passions apart from gaming include, japanese, anime, manga and photography.

  • Favourite Games of All Time: Street Fighter II Turbo (Sega Genesis), Tales of Abyss (PS2 / 3DS), Final Fantasy VII (PSOne),  Shenmue (Dreamcast), Half-Life 2 (PC), Unreal Tournament (PC), Mass Effect 2 (PC), Metal Gear Solid 3:  Snake Eater (PS2)
  • Favourite Console: N64 (Nintendo)
  • Favourite Game Character: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: Neverwinter Nights (PC)
  • First Game Ever Played: Paper Boy  (Commodore 64)  – 1992

You can also follow Illiya on Twitter

Rhys Wood (Deputy Editor)

Rhys Wood is an aspiring video games writer, and is currently studying Media, Writing and Production at university. Rhys loves writing about his favourite games (and the games that make him rage) for the entertainment of the Internet at large.

Outside of the gaming world, Rhys can often be found playing and/or watching football, watching and writing about films, or drunkenly hitting up the town with friends.

Rhys believes the best kind of game is one that sucks the player in and never lets go, and a fun FPS or platformer on the side doesn’t hurt, either.

  • Favourite Games of all Time: Jet Set Radio (Dream Cast), Tales of Symphonia (GameCube), Persona 4 (PS2), Dark Souls (Xbox 360), Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PC), Chrono Trigger (SNES) and Dynasty Warriors 6 (Xbox 360).
  • Favourite Console: Sega Dreamcast (Sega)
  • Favourite Game Character: Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
  • First Game Ever Played: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Megadrive)

You can follow Rhys on Twitter.

Vince Shuley (Senior Contributor)

Vince is a Senior Contributor at Awesome Games. An Australian expat living in Whistler, Canada, Vince is a freelance writer for magazines and websites around the world specializing in action sports, mountain pursuits and video games. When not out recreating in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Vince enjoys writing and blogging about gaming culture.

A self-confessed PC die-hard, Vince loves the immersion of a realistic FPS, the escapism of a well written RPG and the depth of a balanced strategy game.

Vince’s other passions include photography, skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing. The rainy days give him a chance to enjoy and critique the latest and greatest video games.

  • Favourite Games of All Time: Super Metroid (SNES), Street Fighter II (arcade), Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Half-Life 2 (PC), Diablo 2 (PC)
  • Favourite Console: SNES (Nintendo)
  • Favourite Game Character: Niko Bellic (GTA 4)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: World of Warcraft (now retired)
  • First Game Ever Played: Ice Climber (NES) – 1986

You can also follow Vince on Twitter

Joe Martin (News Editor & Senior Contributor)

Joe Martin is the News Editor at Awesome Games. A multi-media journalist working in the national press by day and avid gamer by night, Joe’s spent the last few years sounding off about gaming and the games industry to anyone who’ll listen.

He favours games with deep, engaging storylines and interesting characters above all else and will always be found with a copy of Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect or Broken Sword close to hand. His spectacular ineptitude with platforming games is known throughout the land but he more than makes up for it when it comes to FPS games. If you meet him online when playing Unreal Tournament, Bioshock or Resistance, be prepared to die. A lot.

Outside of the gaming world, his many interests include Steampunk culture, the paranormal, skiing, anime, cosplay and whiskey.

  • Favourite Games of All Time: Silent Hill 2 (PS2), Broken Sword (PC), Monkey Island (PC), Resident Evil 2 (PSone), Bioshock (PS3), American McGee’s Alice (PS2), Metal Gear Solid (PSone), Mass Effect (PC), Zone of the Enders (PS2).
  • Favourite Console: PS3 (Sony)
  • Favourite Game Character: Alice (American McGee’s Alice)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3)
  • First Game Ever Played: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Megadrive)


Ryan Dean (Site Contributor)

Ryan is a recent English graduate, scraping by on an Arts degree, and currently turning his attention to the world of video game journalism. Working in digital marketing by day, Ryan spends his evenings looking for new ways to bother people with his opinions, and spread his love for gaming online.

Ryan is mainly interested in the survival horror/stealth genres, and always has his fingers in multiple digital pies so he can keep up with the industry. If he can summon up the courage, you’ll normally find him playing the latest Silent Hill looking through the gaps in his hands. Even though he looks back longingly to the golden age of survival horror (SH 1, SH 2), he actually did enjoy Downpour.

When the controller batteries run out, you’ll normally find Ryan buried in a book (English degree), failing at being an archer, or catching the latest comic adaptation at the cinema.

Favourite Games of All Time: Silent Hill 2 (PS2) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) Batman: Arkham City (PS3) BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360).

  • Favourite Console: Playstation 3 (Sony)
  • Favourite Game Character:  Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil Series)
  • Longest Time Spent on a Game: Far Cry 3 (PS3)
  • First Game Ever Played: Apocalypse (PS1) – 1999

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