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Feb 13th

76 Million Xbox 360s Sold, 46 Million on Xbox Live

15 Percent Growth Over Last Year on Xbox Live

Microsoft has released a pretty boastful press release, detailing many statistics about the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.

According to the release, the company has sold 76 million Xbox 360s worldwide – that’s three times more than the original Xbox. Xbox Live, meanwhile, is not doing bad either. Microsoft says it now has 46 million members, which is a 15 percent growth over last year.

Microsoft also revealed that it has since sold 24m Kinect units since launch. An updated version of Kinect is rumoured to be bundled with the next Xbox.

The company also added that 2012 was the “biggest year for entertainment and games usage” through the platform, serving 18 billion hours of “entertainment” during the year and that “entertainment app usage” was growing 57 percent year over year globally.

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