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Feb 12th

10 Characters That Need To Be In Super Smash Bros. 4

This dream line-up would be smashing!

The next game in the Super Smash Bros. series is set to show its face at E3 this year in the form of a handful of screenshots. While this is better than nothing, it’s sure to leave fans and critics alike wanting much, much more. It’s also being co-developed by Namco Bandai Games, a company well known for releasing quality titles year in, year out. While many fans are indeed skeptical of what they’ll bring to Nintendo’s fighting formula, I can’t help but vent my excitement at their involvement.

For example, the potential for new characters is incredible. But the question is, if Namco are going to add some of their characters to the game, which ones should they choose to include? In addition, what characters should Nintendo introduce to the fray?  Here are 10 characters that should absolutely make the roster in Super Smash Bros4.

10. Paper Mario

Naturally, Mario is no stranger to Smash Bros. and has featured in the series in more than one incarnation. You have your standard bread and butter Mario, but Dr. Mario was also introduced in Melee, and Metal Mario has also appeared as a mini-boss. So, why not include the coolest, slimmest Mario of all? Paper Mario could transform into a plane to float around the arena, use his trademark hammer to smack opponents into the ground, and summon his many accomplices to help him fight, such as Koops, Vivian and Admiral Bobbery. Taking a leaf from Sticker Star, Paper Mario could set down stickers to be used as traps or defense mechanisms.

paper mario

Paper Mario’s Final Smash move could turn the arena into a stage, similar to the battle scenes from the first two Paper Mario titles. The audience throws objects into the arena in the hopes of hitting your opponents. It could culminate in Mario unleashing a Crystal Star special move straight from The Thousand Year Door to send your opponents packing.

9. Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur version)

Yoshimitsu is one of the most interesting characters from the extensive Soul Calibur roster. Though many of his moves are imported from his Tekken counterpart, his fighting style and feudal appearance would go down a storm in Smash Bros. Yoshimitsu is known for using his sword in a number of ridiculous, yet innovative ways, and many of these moves would translate well to the Smash Bros. formula. For one, he can use his sword as a means of aviation by lifting it over his head and spinning it, much like a helicopter would its rotors. This can be used to extend air time to avoid landing into others’ conflicts and make a desperate less attempt to get back on the stage. Yoshimitsu also employs a number of Hara-kiri style moves that deal a great amount of damage to him and his opponent, which could be made into a risk-reward type of move, similar to Roy’s standard-B attack in Melee. He could also change stances to alter his move-set on the fly, similar to how Zelda changes into Sheik.


One of Yoshimitsu’s moves involves him bouncing up and down, using his sword like a pogo-stick. This would work great as his Final Smash attack, and would also be quite hilarious. If players could alter their jump height by timing their bounces, the landing on an opponent for an instant KO.

8. Isaac (Golden Sun)

Isaac is a character many people have wanted as a playable character for quite some time now, and for good reason. His Psynergy attacks offer limitless potential in the development of his move-set. While many of them can be used as a means of attack, he could have some Psynergy moves that allow him to escape danger. Growth could spawn a vine that allows Isaac to climb up to a high platform, and Rockfall could put some distance between him and his opponents by showering an area with large boulders.

isaac golden sun

Isaac’s Final Smash would undoubtedly involve him using a Summon spell. One of the most iconic of these is Judgment, an angelic knight who scorches the earth with a powerful, all-encompassing beam of energy. This could act as a larger-radius version of the Nova Bomb item taken from the Starfox series.

7. Lyndis (Fire Emblem)

Lyndis is the main character from the first Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem game, so it’s a bit baffling how she was only an Assist Trophy in Brawlwith Marth and Ike receiving top billing instead. I thought this was a bit unfair, as Lyn is more than capable of fighting with the best of them. Obviously Lyn would be skilled with her sword, but she also commands a ragtag group of warriors. As such, she could briefly summon various unit types such as archers and thieves to help her dish out the damage.

lyndis fire emblem

Anyone who has played Fire Emblem on the GBA will no doubt remember Lyn’s incredibly flashy critical attack. This is a no-brainer of a Final Smash attack, sending anyone unlucky enough to be within range flying off the screen.

6. Oliver (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)

Ni no Kuni is breathtaking. Channeling the raw emotion and feeling of a Studio Ghibli film into a JRPG was a stroke of genius, and with it Namco and Level 5 created one of the finest RPGs of this generation. Given how fun and diverse the battle system is in Ni no Kuni, it seems logical to place Oliver, the game’s protagonist, into the world of Smash to see how he fares. Oliver can deal damage through a variety of spells, and possibly even be able to heal himself as well. Oliver’s biggest draw, however, should be his ability to summon familiars who aid him in battle. Much like in the game, the familiars should only be usable for a set amount of time before switching back to Oliver. Exhausting the familiar in this way can lead to others attacking you, so Oliver could be a very risk-reward themed character. As such, Oliver can be viewed as a more strategic version of Brawl’s Pokemon Trainer.

ni no kuni oliver

Oliver’s Final Smash could involve him using Gateway, the first spell he learns, to drag opponents into another world, which could eliminate them entirely, or provide a number of interesting gameplay changes to mix things up for a brief period of time.

5. Klonoa

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a game I cherish deeply, so it’s kind of sad that the titular cat thing has never really been able to recapture his PSOne glory. Maybe he can make up for this by bouncing onto the Smash Bros. scene. Klonoa could be a heavily grapple-based character, using his magical ring to grab enemies and hurtle them across the arena. His buddy Huepow, a floating sprite, can also help him in dealing damage.


In one of the most subtly epic boss fights of all time, Klonoa fights a cursed fish named Pamela, who would leap from the water in an attempt to ram Klonoa. She could do the same to your opponents in Klonoa’s Final Smash. If a sample of her boss fight music could play in the background I would be eternally happy, too.

4. Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)

Including at least one Tekken character seems like an obvious move for Namco, if Nintendo will allow it. Combing through the vast ocean that is the Tekken character roster, I can’t think of anyone more suitable for Smash Bros. than Chinese schoolgirl Ling Xiaoyu. Similar to Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu can mix up her attacks through various fighting stances and styles, all of which make her incredibly unpredictable. Smash Bros. aficionados no doubt enjoy learning the more advanced characters, and Xiaoyu’s varied moveset could make her hard to master, but great fun to use.

ling xiaoyu

Xiaoyu is also the carer of Panda, a glowing bracelet-wearing…panda. In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Panda is seen achieving speeds that would leave Sonic gasping for breath. As Xiaoyu’s Final Smash, dashing around the arena with Panda would be tough to control, but would also be capable of netting a good number of KOs in the right hands.

3. Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

If Namco were to include a character from the Tales series, it would probably be one of the more contemporary ones, or one from a game that only released in Japan. While I love many of the more recent Tales characters, I can’t think of anyone more suiting to Smash Bros. than Lloyd Irving, protagonist of the Gamecube-exclusive (at least in the West) Tales of Symphonia. 

Truly one of gaming’s greatest unsung protagonists, Lloyd would use his twin-sword style to deal out combos. In Symphonia, his standard attacks could be linked with special moves assigned to the B button, a mechanic that would translate perfectly to Smash Bros. Chaining together attacks in this way will make him an incredibly fun character to use, offering a myriad of opportunities to finish off opponents in many different situations.

Lord Irving

Lloyd’s most devastating special attack is known as Falcon’s Crest, in which he combines his blades to form one gigantic sword. He then plunges the sword into his immensely unfortunate opponents, dealing vicious amounts of damage. In other words, the perfect Final Smash.

2. Gravity Suit Samus

Samus is a staple character in Smash Bros., and for good reason; her various power-ups adapt to pretty much any situation. We’ve seen Samus tear it up in all three Smash titles, with Zero Suit Samus throwing her hat in the ring in Brawl. The next logical step, then, would be to feature the fully upgraded Samus from Metroid Prime, who at that point dons the wonderfully purple Gravity Suit. This suit allows Samus unrestricted movement underwater, as well as reduced damage from hazards such as lava. On top of this, Gravity Suit Samus is equipped with ice missiles, which could obviously be used in Smash Bros. to slow your opponents, with a small chance to freeze them briefly. In her Gravity Suit form, Samus could also make use of the boost ball, power bombs and the plasma beam.

samus aran gravity suit

In Brawl, Samus had arguably one of the most devastating Final Smashes in the game: a large beam easily capable of taking out everyone on the map. The compromise to this was having to use Zero Suit Samus afterwards, which may or may not have been your cup of tea. To change things up, Samus’s Final Smash this time around could involve her summoning her trusty spaceship to perform a bombing run, a la Metroid Prime 3.

1. Team Rocket (Pokemon)

No, not the Team Rocket from the game. We’re talking the real Team Rocket. The Team Rocket we grew up with as kids. Prepare for trouble (and make it double) as Jesse, James and Meowth take to Smash Bros. to protect the world from devastation. Team Rocket could be used as a great alternative to Brawl’s Pokemon Trainer, making use of Arbok, Weezing and Meowth, whom will in turn utilise their respective move-sets. Obviously, these Pokemon aren’t quite as agile or varied as Pokemon Trainer’s Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard, so Jesse and James will need to switch Pokemon rapidly to string together combos. As an added hilarious bonus, whenever they are sent hurtling from the arena, how could they not shout “it looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again?!”

team rocket

Team Rocket’s Final Smash could have them unleash the powered-up Mewtwo shown in the first series, which will not only be a considerable threat to your opponents, but will also serve as a nice nod to Melee fans.

Well, that’s my two cents. But why stop here? What characters would you guys like to see in the next entry to the Smash Bros. series? There’s plenty of potential for new characters, especially with the added bonus of having Namco on board. Have at it in the comments!


Knight Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)

Fan favourite Solaire is mad about the sun, and we’re not talking about the sleazy tabloid newspaper, either. Solaire wants the real deal, and will attempt to overcome any obstacle to reach it, whether that be hordes of hollow undead, colossal goat demons, or Luigi. Solaire could employ a number of Dark Souls gameplay mechanics, such as using carefully timed parries and ripostes to deal damage. He could also take a swig from his trusty Estus flask to recover some damage, use a number of sorceries and, for his Final Smash, summon a couple of Dark Souls players to engage in jolly co-operation! Make it happen, guys!

solaire of astora

Mallo (Pullblox\Pushmo, Fallblox\Crashmo) – Editor’s Choice

Tired of saving trapped children from the notoriously dangerous attractions that litter Pullblox Park, Mallo is ready to throw his marigold gloves into the Smash Bros. ring and push his way to the top.

Wearing his striking blue mawashi, Mallo could finally bring Japan’s native sport of sumo to the Smash Bros. arena – he’s already adept at pushing and pulling all sorts of bothersome blocks, so why not shove a few Smash Bros. opponents off the screen while he’s at it?


A Pullblox/Fallblox stage could also be a great place for Mallo to showcase his unique abilities, with players able to manipulate the layout of the stage by using the simple Pullblox puzzle mechanics. And as for his Final Smash, how about an earthquaking shiko stomp that sends opponents flying? Sounds super to us!

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  • Anthony

    O.O I’d love for Klonoa to be in SSB!!!

  • Yeah,Right

    Yep, let’s put some PS3 exclusive characters in a Nintendo game. I think not.

    • AdamVj23

      If you’re referring to Oliver from Ni no Kuni as a PS3 exclusive character then you’re wrong. Ni No Kuni was originally released on the DS in Japan back in 2010.

      If you’re referring to Klonoa as a PlayStation exclusive character, then you’d also be wrong, as a remake of Klonoa: Door to Phantomille was released on the Wii back in 2009. So yeah… looks like you should think again.

  • Dahem Ghamdi

    Lol Dark souls is not even on Wii

    • Illiya Vjestica

      If you read the post you would have realised that Namco Bandi games published Dark Souls. Therefore, they can lend the license for the Knight Solaire of Astora to appear in Super Smash Bros.

  • Illiya Vjestica

    I agree with every single one of these Rhys. I’d personally love to see Pacman or Ms. Pacman make a feature in the next Smash Bros. due to Namco’s involvement. There final Smash could be to turn the stage into a pacman style maze then Pacman could go around the maze eating up the other characters on screen for KOs!